Ethnic Peace Resources Project

Country: Myanmar; ongoing project started in June 2013; funding provided in the first stage of the project by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for the gender-component of the project) with assistance of Dan Church Aid. The second stage of the project (June 2014 to May 2015) is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs and DANIDA, with additional funding still being sought. In December 2014 funding was secured from the European Union under its ‘Support to Peace, Reconciliation and Development in Myanmar’ program and designed to cover the cost of EPRP activities focused on Shan State to March 2019

The EPRP project emerged In April 2013 out of the work of the Myanmar Peace Support Initiative (MPSI), a Norwegian led international initiative to support the peace process in Myanmar. 

EPRP was established to provide resources for ethnic communities in support of the ceasefires and political dialogue process between the government, EAOs and other relevant ethnic actors.

The EPRP website was established as a way of making information resources available. EPRP also conducts workshops and other activities to inform the community about issues related to ceasefires and the peace process. Information is updated online in the EPRP website ( in English and/or Myanmar and in the EPRP Facebook page in a range of different formats including text, audio files, video files, and cartoons and including in relation to gender and peace. The EPRP website homepage also contains peace-process related News articles, Opinion and Analysis in Myanmar and English.