The following self-learning modules are available to download. For more information about the background of these modules, look for the paragraph “Distance and Online learning”. Click the link to open the file (Pdf format) or ‘click right’ and select ‘Save Link As’ to download the file.

Communication Skills

This module discusses how to give and receive information effectively and shows how improving communication is a key to improving the way we work with others.

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The Counselling Approach

This module provides an introduction to the professional counselling approach. It may be used informally in every day life, or formally in providing advice and support e.g. education counselling. The module also introduces such specialized areas as pre- and after-test HIV counselling for what is a life-threatening disease.

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Financial Management

The module will help you to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to work responsibly with regard to finance while working in a community organisation or project. It will focus specifically on helping you to understand the need for financial management and the how of day to day management.

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Financial Planning

This module will help you to acquire the knowledge and skills to develop a budget and understand how to obtain funding.

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Preparing Reports

This module teaches you why reports are important to community organisations, discusses different kinds of reports and report formats and teaches you how to prepare a useful report.

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Activity Report
Workshop Report
Final Report
Interim Report

Reports Writing

This module is designed to follow on the module ‘Preparing Reports‘. It moves from identifying the types of reports used by a community organization and goes on to demonstrate how to plan and carry out research procedures for collecting information to go into a report of a community programme, to plan and draft a report for a community programme.

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Community Profiles and Needs Assessment

This module teaches how to make a survey to create a profile of who is in a community and to find out the various community needs.

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Introduction to Social Enterprise and Social Business

This module introduces the concept of a social enterprise. It emphasizes the possibility of using strategies, models, methods, skills usually identified with business as a way of achieving financial sustainability. Three models of Social Enterprise are presented, with case-studies, examples and videos.

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Stigma and HIV/AIDS

This module seeks to promote understanding of what stigma is in order to help community workers to think about ways to combat it in their own communities.
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Negotiation Skills

This module introduces a number of personal approaches to negotiate in order to help you deal effectively with everyday conflict in the workplace and elsewhere.

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