Online Learning and Social Enterprise Training

Country: Myanmar; duration: 1 year, started in June. 2010; funded by Child’s Dreams


This project contains two elements – Online Learning (OL) and Social Enterprise Training (SET) and combines two training objectives, the first focuses on skills for using the internet as a tool for learning, the second focuses on developing social enterprises as a sustainable way of providing community services.

The project was completed  in June 2011, as planned.

Role of FLD in OLSET project

For this project FLD provides learning materials : newly designed multimedia and online materials to make existing MCOP (Managing Community Organisations and Projects) modules more attractive, and training manuals  designed to help students to use the internet more effectively and also to train local tutors to use online teaching and learning methods. This builds on FLD’s established MCOP training modules and also on earlier projects to explore how best to develop a form of online education that meets the needs of people who have only basic computer skills and who have limited access to Internet.